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Looking for an established show?
Looking for a show with a lot of guests?
Looking for a show that is marketed?
Looking for a family atmosphere?
Well, you’ve found it…..

We have 20+ fantastic shows each year and the many of them are established.  We are expecting business to be better than ever – our average guest attendance is nearly 8,000 with our maximum guest attendance of 13,000.  To attract that many guests we spend an average of $29,000 marketing for each show – TV, Radio, Print, Social Media and our ENewsletter.  Many of our vendors participate in the majority of our shows although it’s not required.  You can attend as many of our shows as you would like – one or up to 21.  Once you join us for one show it is likely that you will want to add more, possibly a lot more.  Be sure to apply today so you can be part of this.


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