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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What are Shipshewana On the Road shows?

Shipshewana On the Road shows are two day sales where independent vendors offer their products or merchandise for sale to the general public. The shows are held in various venues in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio during the spring and fall. The vendors consist of artisans, crafters, flea market dealers and retail business owners. Many of the vendors set-up at the outdoor market at Shipshewana, IN during the summer months – hence the name of the show. There really is no limit on the type of merchandise for sale, however JDL Corporation decides what merchandise is allowed at the show and seeks to have as much variety as possible. Finished and unfinished furniture, handmade crafts, toys, home decor, handmade jewelry, cleaning products, clothing, homemade jams, jellies and cookies, 14kt. gold and sterling silver jewelry are just a few of the products at the shows.

How are the Shipshewana On the Road shows advertised?

JDL Corporation believes very strongly that the shows must be advertised. All of the booth rent collected from the vendors is used to rent the facility and to pay for advertising. Therefore, JDL is as dependent on the number of people attending the show as the vendors. Advertising for a show usually starts two weeks prior to a show. Typically, radio commercials are aired on the top 5-7 radio stations in the region. Display and classified ads are placed in 20-30 area newspapers (both daily and weekly). Television commercials are placed on national network affiliated television station(s) and ads are placed utilizing Social Media. In addition, the Shipshewana On The Road website and most of the facility websites list the shows and general advertising is placed in all of the major arts/crafts and show magazines for the Midwest.

How long have Shipshewana On the Road shows been around?

The first Shipshewana On the Road show was held at Battle Creek, MI in November of 1992. Since then, JDL Corporation has produced over 350 shows throughout Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and a few in Illinois.

Do the vendors have to do all of the shows?

No. However, many of the vendors do all of the shows and quite a few of them have been with the shows since the beginning. Obviously, these vendors are given priority as far as their merchandise and booth location. As many vendors as possible will be brought into a show depending on the number of booths available at a facility and the product category.

How many people attend the shows?

The average attendance at a Shipshewana On the Road show is 6,000-12,000 people. Some shows are surprises like one of the spring Birch Run, MI shows where the attendance was nearly 18,000. However, it is the nature of the business that nobody really knows what’s going to happen. The weather, the locality, the local economy, the economy in general, politics, and who knows what other factors can have an impact on any particular show.

When is set-up for the Shipshewana On the Road shows?

Set-up for all of the shows is the day prior to the showing opening to the public (normally on Friday) from 10:00 AM until 6:00 PM. If a vendor can not set-up during this time they can set-up Saturday morning from 8 am until the show opens at 9am. However, this is not encouraged and JDL should be aware of the vendor’s intent to set-up Saturday morning.

What are the Shipshewana On the Road show hours?

Show hours are the same for most of our shows: Saturday 9 am to 6 pm and Sunday 10 am to 5 pm Early tear downs are not allowed!  If you tear your booth down early you will not be allowed to attend any future Shipshewana On The Road shows.

What is the “Booth Framework” listed on the show forms?

It is like a frame for a canopy but without the canopy. JDL provides 8’ tall drape along the back of every booth. Some vendors rent additional pipes and uprights to extend out from the back drape to the front of their booth in order to hang some of their merchandise from these overhead pipes. Most vendors don’t need this.

Can a vendor use their own tables at the shows?

Yes. Vendors are encouraged to cover and skirt their tables using flame retardant materials. Plain 8’ tables are available for rent at the shows but vendors should pre-order them on their application and in either case the Vendor must supply their own skirting.

What other information is provided to the vendor once they are accepted into a show?

After the application is received and the vendor is accepted in a show, a confirmation and receipt for monies received will be sent back to the vendor. This usually takes about a two weeks from receipt to fully process and allow for return.  In addition, Vendors the facility address in the materials provided to them and hotel information or any other pertinent information regarding the show is available on our website.